Saturday, October 29, 2011

My feet are killing me...

...from spending the last 9 hours cooking. 

There'll be more details coming later, with recipes, pictures, helpful hints (I'll give one away now - make sure your rice cooker hasn't $#!t the bed before you go to make a ton of rice for freezer meals of teriyaki chicken and fried rice).

So far, there's been meatballs, turkey burgers, a new taco casserole concoction (because of the need to not waste too much of the rice that didn't survive the attempt at regular stove top cooking), chili, BBQ chicken calzone, cheesy chicken, chicken with cornbread stuffing.  That doesn't include the sloppy joes still simmering in the slow cooker or the teriyaki chicken in the skillet, or the rice pudding that is an attempt to salvage even more of the aforementioned rice.

Total casualties for the day - rice (started with 2 cups uncooked), the rice cooker, the OXO "slap chop" thingy (Thanks, cheap plastic for breaking so the spring could go BOOOOOIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGG), and a thumb knuckle from a knife washing incident. 

Time for a glass of wine.

Dr. Bob out.

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