Friday, February 10, 2012

Superbowl + Pinterest = Amazing

Hi Folks,
Well this past Sunday the Pats ended up losing the Superbowl - Boo.  But we were able to spend it with a ton of friends in the area as well as a visitor from the North!

We had such a good time showing Bits around, playing tourists, and checking out 3 - count them 3 - new to us restaurants.  Slowly but surely we are going to eat our way around Metro Atlanta!

Okay back to the point of the post.  I am having way too much fun on Pinterest.  I am absolutely not addicted like some people I know, but I am having a ton of fun checking out food decorating, recipes, crafts, and simple solutions.  I decided to make some of my "pins" become reality for the Superbowl.  Here is what I made:

Fruit Ka-bobs:

The idea originally came from  I figured we were going to be munching on a ton of other non-healthy things so let's incorporate some fruit in a cute and colorful way.
Next - Healthy Cupcakes, not so healthy frosting/design.

A friend of mine from college pinned an idea of taking a cupcake box mix and adding only 12 oz. of diet 7 up, keeping the original baking temp and time.  It was estimated that each cup cake would be about 100 calories if using a "lite" box mix.  I tried desperately to find a lite mix but it did not happen.  I was okay with it though because the cupcakes were already going to be healthier by nixing the regular ingredients and just using the diet soda.  They came out so light and fluffy!  And they tasted delish!

The design aspect of the cup cakes came from  We decided to only put goal posts on a few of the cupcakes so people could get the idea.

Finally, who doesn't love brownies?!  This idea originally came from  I was befuddled that I could not find a football shaped cookie cutter.  I almost threw in the towel.  But my good pal Bits came up with a brilliant idea - take a circular cookie cutter and squeeze it until it looked like a football - DUH!


I loved these!  So simple to make.  So delicious.

All of our items were a bit hit!  I think we came home with only a few cup cakes.

This is why I really like Pinterest!  (I don't think we are at the degree of love yet, give me a few more weeks ;-)  )

What did you have at your Superbowl party?

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