Saturday, August 13, 2011

Slow cooker madness

Woke up this morning with a desire to get stuff cleared out of the fridge. We’ve been doing a lot of shopping for things we need and stocking up on non-perishable items (just wish BJ’s was a bit closer, but oh well); this led to a drawer full of chicken in the fridge and a bunch of random stuff calling my name. So, I decided to seriously overwork our little 3 quart slow cooker.

First task – BBQ chicken. No real recipe here. Just put some BBQ sauce on the bottom of the slow cooker, add a boneless chicken breast, more sauce, more chicken, until the slow cooker was about ¾ full. I let this go on low for about 3 hours, at which point the chicken was amazingly tender and moist, even though the internal temperature was about 180 degrees. A quick shred later, back in the sauce, and finished it for another half hour.
Side note: this is going to go great with the sweet Vidalia onion coleslaw that I made.

Next up – after cleaning the slow cooker, I basically repeated the BBQ chicken, except with salsa. This is currently being made into refried bean/chicken/cheese quesadillas as I type.

Finally – after another cleaning of the slow cooker, in went 2 cans of light red kidney beans, 4 strips of cooked bacon, half cup of ketchup, quarter cup of brown sugar, half cup of maple syrup, 1 cup of water, and about 2 tablespoons of mustard. That’s cooking on high for the next four hours.

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s lunch – BBQ chicken, coleslaw and “baked” beans.

Once the slow cooker is done, I’m gonna let it rest…at least for a little while.

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  1. This sounds delish!! It's funny too, because I can tell when it is Erin or Bob when you guys write your blogs. Miss you guys..keep the recipe's coming!!