Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This is why.....

..........we haven't been around lately. Our fridge has been pretty bare.

But not to worry, we just did a massive shopping trip that included 3 stores to make sure we got the best possible deals! We should be stocked up for a LONG time to come. And we have lots of delicious meals plans.

Bob already made a BBQ pork roast in the slow cooker last night that he thinks he can get about 6 or 7 meals out of it. Tonight's agenda is Shepherd's Pie....I'm so excited!

So my plan for today is to bake some home made bread and prep the potatoes for tonight. If I am really feeling motivated, maybe I will clean and cut the 4 packs of chicken we got on sale so they can be readied for freezing.

Check back soon for an update on what we have been cooking!

Do you grocery shop weekly or stock up and see how long it lasts?


  1. I did a BBQ top round in the slow cooker last goooood!! We usually stock up and then make a list every week for some small items we may need.

  2. Exactly what we do! We have been drastically emptying out our freezer lately which has been good but nothing compares to fresh food!

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  4. Weekly shopping is part of our Sunday rhythm. (post church, breakfast out, yard work, pre-house clean up).

    We keep a very small fridge (think dorm size) and work hard to rotate through food quickly so that everything is fresh. (except what can live in our giant freezer (think farmhouse size). Each week our grocery list is for what we plan to eat that week. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Of course, if we get hit with a zombie invasion- we're screwed.